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Hi, we’re Stavvy 

Stavvy is transforming real estate transactions into a swift, secure, data-driven experience; In other words, moving real estate beyond documents.  


The future of documentation

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Moving real estate
beyond documents 


Too many real estate transactions still rely on an antiquated system of documents to capture and share information. 

At Stavvy, we envision a future not only without paper, but without documents; shattering the notion that paperless is as good as it gets. 

We’re moving real estate beyond documents. Just one simple, secure flow of data - always on, effortlessly accessible, and infinitely archivable.

For real estate professionals, by real estate professionals 


After two decades in the title and settlement industry, Kosta had enough - enough of the paper mortgage process and the complexities experienced within it. 

From this frustration, Stavvy was born with a vision to bring collaboration, reliability, and choice to an otherwise archaic and fragmented process. While Stavvy powers digital transactions when, where, and how customers want, the real goal of Stavvy is to transform transactions into swift and secure, data-driven experiences; moving real estate beyond documents.


The values that move us...
beyond documents


Who You Are Is Who We Are 

We are a collection of unique individuals who show up, engage, excel and care for each other. We champion individual authenticity while embracing collaboration. We cultivate your best because it produces our best. 


The Fearless 

We are fearless. We trust and assume good intent. We are better because of our differences, successes, and failures. We are empowered to participate actively and speak openly. We are disciplined to listen respectfully and react without hesitation.


The Relentless 

We are relentlessly curious. We learn with humility that challenges and stretches. Continuous, shared, and vibrant learning drives us forward with purpose. 


The Limitless 

We are courageous pioneers. There are no boundaries in our pursuit of bold, innovative change as we transform industries and impact the world.


The Compassionate 

We are humanity. We celebrate impact in all we do. Every action is a legacy of our compassion for each other, our customers, and our communities. 

Free yourself from the boundaries of paper today 

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