Expand your MSR capabilities with end-to-end digital default management

A mobile-friendly solution where homeowners and servicers can submit, document, process, decision, approve, notarize, and finalize everything needed for default management

A laptop showing the Stavvy Platform mortgage servicing solutions

Skillfully guide homeowners through default with a people-first servicing solution

Modernize your default servicing workflow from a paper-based process to a streamlined digital experience that can enhance productivity, reduce errors, improve compliance, and put people at the center

A photo of homeowners signing default management documents on their laptop

A self-service interface for homeowners to complete, submit, and track the status of applications for assistance from anywhere and at any time

  • Automated direct-to-source financial data and documentation imports make it easier for homeowners to submit applications and supporting documents, while enhancing accuracy and compliance for servicers
  • Real-time application status and email updates keep homeowners informed and engaged from initial inquiry through approval and acceptance of a compliant loss mitigation option, while alleviating call center volume and costs
  • Dynamic surveys direct homeowners to the proper solution quickly, from informal forbearance to deferrals or partial claims
  • Online document access enables homeowners to view, select, and accept approved loss mitigation documents
  • Scheduling tool enables homeowners to select the time and manner for finalizing loan documents with options for in-person and remote electronic signing and online notarization
A woman logging on to a RON eClosing session on the Stavvy Platform

Finalize default management documents remotely and electronically

  • Stavvy’s eSign and RON technology equips homeowners, title, fulfillment, signing and law firm partners to finalize all default management documents remotely and electronically
  • Support homeowners from anywhere while eliminating printing and shipping costs
  • Manage and schedule online signing and notarization sessions with any counterparty
  • Prevent delays and signing errors with built-in quality control
  • Enhance trust, security, and compliance with digital identity verification, fully detailed transaction audit trails, video recordings, and tamper-evident documents

Automated default management workflows can increase MSR management capacity while decreasing variable labor costs

  • Create communication campaigns and and manage digital outreach for borrowers experiencing financial hardship
  • Track key compliance dates at the loan and portfolio levels
  • Convert hard copy submissions into readable digital records
  • Establish a single processing and decisioning workflow for applications received electronically and in hard copy by leveraging our Homeowner Portal
  • Receive, store, and manage supporting income, asset, and employment documentation directly from source data
  • Streamline decisioning with our automated rules engine to help resolve delinquencies
  • Optimize productivity by automating tasks based on loss mitigation stage, application, status, investor, and workload
  • Identify disaster-impacted borrowers across your portfolio with FEMA database integration

Financial hardship is painful.

Default resolution shouldn’t be.