Instant RON, RIN, and eRecording eligibility 

Quickly determine which types of eClosing are available to your customers. Built into the Stavvy platform and accessible via API, the Eligibility Engine provides instant visibility into a real estate transaction’s RON, RIN, and eRecording acceptability — no manual work required.

An open laptop showing the Stavvy Platform's Eligibility Engine determining eligible eClosings

Adopt eClosing with ease

The efficiency of a digital real estate transaction is multiplied with the early detection of remote online notarization (RON), remote ink-signed notarization (RIN), and eRecording acceptability. Minimize eClosing adoption barriers and gain greater efficiency with instant digital transaction eligibility verification.

Save time with each real estate transaction

No more searching for the latest county and state RON, RIN, and eRecording eligibility rules. Get real-time updates on the Stavvy platform to keep your transactions moving in the right direction. 

Perform a digital real estate transaction with confidence

No more surprises. Confidently perform a digital real estate transaction with the most accurate information on a property’s RON, RIN, and eRecording eligibility.

Verify a single real estate transaction or an entire portfolio

The Eligibility Engine can be used for one real estate transaction or an entire portfolio via API, streamlining the process for lenders, mortgage servicers, title companies, and other stakeholders. 

An open laptop with a US map displaying Stavvy's Eligibility Engine's ability to determine eClosing availability by county
Mortgage professionals looking at a tablet during a Stavvy iPEN meeting

Powerful eligibility verification tool

  • Enter the property address
  • Discover RON, RIN, and eRecording eligibility instantly

Supports remote online notarization from origination through servicing

A browser window showing the Stavvy platform during an eClosing session after eligibility was determined by Eligibility Engine

“We’re proud of this innovative tool, especially the value and time savings it provides our customers. We know that eClosing and digital loss mitigation success relies on identifying whether a loan is eligible for electronic notarization and eRecording and educating all the stakeholders involved. The Stavvy Eligibility Engine is the next step in moving the industry forward toward the inevitable digital future.” 

Kosta Ligris, CEO and Founder at Stavvy

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Stavvy’s Eligibility Engine for RON, RIN, and eRecording

Verify the eligibility of every real estate transaction