Exceptional speed and accuracy at the closing table with IPEN

In-person electronic notarization (IPEN) improves efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction while providing a convenient and familiar closing experience. 

Device displaying Stavvy Platform requesting notary signature for mortgage closing document

Unlock digital options with the power of IPEN

Stavvy’s IPEN functionality delivers the efficiency of eClosing without replacing the personal touch of a traditional closing.

Drive efficiency and security at the closing table

IPEN offers a fast, efficient, and secure way to sign documents at the closing table by replacing paper with a digital experience.

Streamline the signing experience

Spend less time and money per transaction by eliminating the resources required to print and prepare a traditional paper closing.

Improve accuracy with fewer errors

A digital signing experience eliminates the reliance on “stare and compare.” Reduce the risk of missed documents, signatures, and costly post-closing remediation.

Offer an exceptional customer experience

Signers and notaries spend less time at the closing table by eliminating paper.

Stavvy Platform screen asking mortgage signer to adopt a new signature
A mortgage professional holding a device during an In Person Electronic Notarization meeting with the Stavvy Platform

IPEN is a digital alternative to the traditional signing experience 

  • Simple, intuitive experience
  • Optional digital ID verification
  • Execute an entire closing electronically
  • eRecord documents with your registrar

Security measures built with you in mind 

  • Digital certificates to ensure integrity
  • Tamper sealed documents upon execution
  • Digital audit trails logging every closing detail
  • Electronic notary journals
Stavvy security padlock icon

Comparing IPEN and RON

  • IPEN  

  • RON


Icon for Stavvy IPEN

In-person electronic notarization


Icon for Stavvy Secure Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization

Closing Meeting The signer and notary meet in person The signer and notary meet virtually via video conferencing
Signer ID Verification The notary can verify the signer's identity through traditional means or with digital ID verification Signer completes knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and digital ID verification
Devices The signer and notary use the same computer or tablet to sign and notarize documents The signer and notary use separate devices to sign and notarize documents

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Certified MISMO compliant

MISMO® certified solution

The Stavvy platform meets MISMO standards and best practices, so you can offer IPEN with confidence. 

SOC2 Compliant

SOC2 Compliant

Stavvy maintains a SOC 2 Type 2 audit report to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data.

Powerful digital signing experience with a familiar touch