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Fast, simple, and secure title closing software

Streamline your closing process with a comprehensive digital platform that provides the versatility of hybrid or full eClosing. Expand reach, increase deal capacity, increase operational efficiency, and impress customers with Stavvy.

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Say goodbye to paper and hello to a digital settlement experience 

Transform your paper-based closing process into an efficient digital experience that can result in higher profits, happier customers, fewer errors, and greater security.

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Increase profitability

A digital closing experience can reduce expenses from printing, mailing, file storage, record maintenance, and costly rework due to missed documents, signatures, and files. 

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Maximize productivity

Going paperless can reduce administrative tasks, encouraging faster processing and delivery. It allows for greater flexibility in terms of location and schedule, letting title agents focus on other priorities.

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Delight customers

The flexibility to review and eSign documents prior to closing, and the convenience of eliminating physical travel to meet a notary, can provide exceptional time savings for you and your customers.

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Protect your business

Mitigate the risk of fraud and errors by utilizing a secure, tamper-proof, and auditable digital transaction. Reduce the potential for document loss or damage, and ensure that a secured digital copy of the transaction is ready when you need it.

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Grow your business and attract more customers


  • Close deals from anywhere 
  • Expand your geographic footprint 
  • Offer exceptional convenience
  • Remain competitive in the digital age

Exceptional speed and accuracy at the closing table


  • Expedite closings
  • Create more deal capacity
  • Reduce signing errors
  • Impress your customers
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“I’ve had signers and real estate agents who have performed an eClosing with RON in Stavvy for the first time and ask me when they can do it again because it was so easy and convenient

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Flexible Notary Options


When in-house notaries aren’t available, Stavvy’s notary signing service creates additional scale by outsourcing RON and IPEN eClosing to a team of skilled notary professionals. Seamlessly integrated into the Stavvy platform, our trusted network of real estate notaries expertly tag documents and oversee the closing meeting, facilitating a seamless experience for you and your customers.

Kick paper-based processes to the curb 

See the Stavvy Platform

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