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eSign Consent To Use Electronic Records And Signatures

(Archived November 4 2022)



Important Disclosure

From time to time, your bank and settlement agent along with their agents (we, us or Company) may be required by law or in the ordinary course of delivery of certain professional services to provide to you certain written notices or disclosures. Sometimes this is referred to as providing something to you “in writing.” Described below are the terms and conditions for providing to you such notices and disclosures electronically through the use of the platforms provided by Stavvy, Inc. (Stavvy) electronic signing platform and tools. Please read the information contained herein carefully and thoroughly, and if you can access this information electronically to your satisfaction and agree to the terms and conditions detailed by Stavvy either within this agreement or as otherwise provided on our platform and delivered or available to you, please confirm your agreement by clicking or selecting the "I agree" button that is connected to this document. If you do NOT understand this agreement or any documents that have been provided to you to sign electronically, you should consult an attorney. Signing a document in the Stavvy platform creates legally binding obligations that are no different than if you had signed the document using wet ink. At this time, Stavvy and our tools are available only in English, although we are looking forward to adding more. 

What if you want a paper copy? 

Should you decide that you would like a paper copy of any document(s) or disclosure(s) provided to you via the Stavvy platform you may request from the respective Company, a paper copy of any record provided or made available electronically to you by us. You will have the ability to download and print documents we deliver to you through Stavvy during and after any signing session. You may also request delivery of such paper copies from us by following the procedure described herein. 

What if you change your mind? 

It happens! What if you want paper documents? If you decide to receive notices and disclosures from us electronically, you may at any time change your mind and tell us that you want to receive required notices and disclosures only in paper format. How you must inform us of your decision to receive future notices and disclosure in paper format and withdraw your consent to receive notices and disclosures electronically is described below. 

Please note that if you change your mind and decide to receive required notices, documents and disclosures only in paper, it will slow the speed at which we can complete certain steps in transactions with you and delivering services to you because we will need first to send the required notices or disclosures to you in paper format, and then wait until we receive back from you your acknowledgment of your receipt of such paper notices or disclosures.

Please also note that once you withdraw your consent to do business electronically - you will lose the ability to leverage some of the tools that Stavvy provides for a more efficient and transparent process than traditional paper exchange. 

To indicate to us that you are changing your mind, you must withdraw your consent to use the Stavvy platform by selecting and/or clicking the link entitled "Withdraw Consent." This will indicate to us that you have withdrawn your consent to receive required notices, documents and/or disclosures electronically from us and you will no longer be able to use the Stavvy system to receive required notices, documents and consents electronically from us or to sign electronically documents from us. 


Unless you specifically tell us otherwise (using the procedures described below), we will leverage the Stavvy platform to provide you with any and all required notices, disclosures, authorizations, acknowledgements, and other documents that are required to be provided or made available to you during the course of our relationship with you. To reduce the chance of you inadvertently not receiving any notice or disclosure, we prefer to provide all of the required notices and disclosures to you by the same method and to the same address that you have given us. Thus, you can receive all the disclosures and notices electronically or in paper format through the old fashioned paper delivery system (which utilizes mail or physical delivery services). If you do not agree with this process, please let us know as described below. Please also see the paragraph above that describes the risks and consequences of your electing not to receive delivery of the notices and disclosures electronically from us. 

How to contact us 

We love to hear from our customers. But let's make sure you know how to get our attention! You can call or email just to say hi or tell us about your experience with us or Stavvy. You may also contact us to let us know of your changes as to how we may contact you electronically, to request paper copies of certain information from us, and to withdraw your prior consent to receive notices and disclosures electronically as follows: 

Email is the fastest way to get to us. Please contact

Got a new email address? 

If you are reaching out to change your email address - please make sure to provide your old email address and your new email address. Please send messages to all applicable contacts listed above. Please also let Stavvy know - so we can properly reflect that in your profile and transaction files. You can email us at 

Want paper copies to store in a safe place? 

To request delivery from us of good old paper copies of the notices, documents and disclosures previously provided by us to you electronically, you must send us an e-mail (as detailed above) and in the body of such request you must state your email address, full name, US Postal address, and telephone number. We will bill you for any fees at that time, if any.

Want to break-up with digital/electronic? 

That's cool with us - but, like every good relationship, it's all about communication. Just let us know that you no longer want to receive future notices and disclosures in electronic format (see emails above). Also, please note the following: 

Don't sign a document in Stavvy, and select the check-box indicating you wish to withdraw your consent; Send us an email as detailed above and note that you must state your email, full name, US Postal Address, and telephone number. We do not need any other information from you to withdraw consent. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there are consequences of your withdrawing consent - slower transaction times, etc. (see above). Please know that although email is a great tool - we worry about your security! So we may call you to confirm your choices or changes. Pick up or we may leave a message after the tone. 

What kinda hardware or software do I need for all this fancy stuff?



Operating Systems 

Windows 10® Mac OS® X 


Final release versions of Google Chrome Version 84 or above, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above (Windows and Mac); Safari™ 3.0 or above (Mac only) 

PDF Reader

Acrobat® or similar software may be required to view and print PDF files Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 minimum

Enabled Security Settings

Allow per session cookies, access to your camera and microphone for web conferences and virtual signing/closing sessions 

Mobile Devices (for ID verification) 

An Apple iOS or Android smartphone that has the ability to receive SMS/text messages (charges from carrier may apply) and a working camera on your mobile device to capture pictures of government issued photo IDs 

If these requirements do in fact change, we will try and let you know ASAP in the software or via email. By accepting these terms and conditions - you agree to these changes, which of course you can withdraw as outlined above. 

Pre-release versions of operating systems and browsers (like beta versions and the like) are not supported and can impact your experience or transaction. 

By accepting our terms and conditions in this agreement, you acknowledge that your software and hardware are compatible with the minimum requirements described herein. 

Let's double check and confirm! 

We need to make sure that you can access all this information electronically, which will be similar to other electronic notices, documents and disclosures that we will provide to you. 

So by checking that you "Agree" - you are confirming to us that you were able to read this entire disclosure document and that you also were able to print on paper and electronically save this page/document for your future reference (that could mean that you were able to download and store it locally or email it to yourself and save/print it). 

So by checking the 'I agree' box, you confirm that: 

  1. You consent to receiving any and all notices and disclosures exclusively in electronic format on the terms and conditions described above; 
  2. You can access and read this ESIGN CONSENT TO USE ELECTRONIC RECORDS AND SIGNATURES document; 
  3. and You can print on paper this disclosure or save or send the disclosure to a place where you can print it, for future reference and access; and Until or unless you notify us (as described above), you consent to exclusively receive through electronic means all notices, documents, disclosures, authorizations, acknowledgements that are required to be provided or made available to you by the Company and its agents/representatives during the course of your relationship with us.

See eSign Consent V2 (Archived June 26 2023)

See eSign Consent V3 (Active June 26 2023)